ElolClouds is a revolutionary SEO (Search Engine Optimization) cloud hosting platform that offers a comprehensive suite of services to enhance website performance and visibility on search engines. The platform provides users with a detailed summary and a comprehensive report of their SEO metrics, eliminating the need to invest in separate SEO software.

- Complete Website Audit by EloCrawler:

ElolClouds conducts a thorough website audit using EloCrawler, providing insights into various aspects of website performance, structure, and content.

- Domain Authority:

Users get their domain authority report, a crucial metric in determining the credibility and visibility of a website in search engine rankings.

- Unlimited Desktop and Mobile Position Tracking:

ElolClouds allows users to track the positions of their website on search engine results pages (SERPs) for both desktop and mobile platforms without any limitations.

- Local Rankings in Over 597 Search Engines:

The platform provides local search engine rankings across a vast array of search engines, ensuring visibility in specific geographic locations.

-Competition Rank Tracking and SERP History request:

Request the rankings of your competitors and access historical data on search engine results pages (SERPs) to gain valuable insights into trends and performance.

- 24/7 Virtual Assistant

Seek assistance from SEO Virtual Assistants to enhance their website's SEO and increase the chances of ranking on the first page of Google.

.com Domains start as from $11.49/Year

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Starter Cloud

WordPress Starter -
Excellent affordability, perfect for hosting modest websites or blogs.


WordPress Business -
Fully powered by our fastest NVMe drives and full access to EloBox.


Managed WordPress
Our Managed WordPress has been intricately crafted for performance.


VPS WordPress -
Enjoy the advantages of enterprise infrastructure without the hefty expense.

EloClouds| SEO Clouds Hosting, Support Agent

Our Virtual Assistants are Available 24/7

Support and Guidance

At Eloclouds, we don't just offer support as an option; we provide round-the-clock Virtual Assistant services to assist you every day and night. Our Virtual Assistants are organized into specialized teams, including billing, sales, support, and the Online Business Assistant (OBA) teams.
If you have questions regarding your invoices or billing, you can contact your dedicated billing VA. For any issues related to your hosting or server, you can reach out to the Support VA. Pre-sales inquiries can be directed to our sales team, and for comprehensive assistance in achieving online success, the OBA Teams are at your service. The OBA Teams consist of experts in SEO, social media marketing, full-stack development, and online business consultation.

See Your Plans - WordPress Cloud - US/UK Servers

Outstanding Hosting Featuring cPanel - Honored with Awards on the NVMe Cloud Platform

Starter Cloud

For small blogs and websites with big ambitions and a readiness to take a leap.

Starting from $7.98/Month

or 87.78/Yearly (One Month Free)


  • Icon20GB NVMe Storage
  • IconStart From 1Core/2GB RAM
  • IconFree SSL
  • Icon24/7 Customer Support

Also Includes

  • IconDaily Backups
  • IconLitespeed/LSCache Included
  • IconFree Migration
  • IconUnlimited Database
  • IconUPTIME 100%

Managed WordPress

A Fully Managed WordPress. Focus on your business while we handle your WordPress websites.

Starting From $19.90

Then $29.90/Month.


  • Icon30GB NVMe Storage
  • IconFully Managed
  • IconTwo Main Domain
  • IconOne-Click Installs
  • IconAccelerateWP

More Features

  • IconLiteSpeed Web Server
  • IconDedicated IP
  • Icon4 vCPU/6 GB RAM


  • IconLevel Speed: 6
  • IconProfessional Optimization
  • Icon Free SSL
  • IconAutomatic Backup (90 Days Retention)
  • IconUnlimited Email Addresses
  • Icon24/7 WordPress Expert Support(Repond within 15Mins)
  • IconContinous Updates (Themes/Plugins)
  • IconSEO Content Report (Weekly Report)
  • IconAccess EloBox
  • IconAccess EloDash SEO
  • IconAccess EloBot AI Content Solutions
  • Icon24/7/365 Monitoring and Reports
  • IconAccess SendRise Email Marketing
  • IconAccess PrivyPro
  • IconAccess SitSavvy
  • IconAccess EloMonitoring
  • IconAccess EloAnalytics (Heatmap options Accessible)

VPS WordPress

Fully managed and meticulously tailored for optimization. Powered by Litespeed

Starting From $94.45

Your OWN Cloud VPS WordPress

Top Features

  • Icon8Cores/ 30GB RAM
  • Icon 200GB NvME Storage
  • IconTwo or Four Drive Bays
  • Icon10TB Monthly Data Transfer
  • Icon Monthly Rolling Contract


  • IconN+1 Datacenter
  • IconPower Redundancy
  • IconConnectivity

Also Includes

  • Icon100% Network Uptime
  • IconSecurity
  • IconOptional Management
  • IconSSD or NVMe
  • IconDDoS Protected
  • IconTier-1 Bandwidth

More than just some tools

Features you get access with your plans.

Elo Crawler

Crawler Technology

An advanced tool designed to scan websites for SEO issues and security.


Premium WorkSpace

Enhance Your Professional Image and Elevate Your Brand to Inbox Excellence.


Url Shortner

A tool that takes a long and complex URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and generates a shorter, more manageable link.


SEO Platform

The unique panel which come with all packages to give you full control over your business online.


Email marketing

The Email Marketing platform you need to manage all you promotional email and sms.


Web Tools.

A collection of useful tools and utilities that you often search for on the internet.Such as
Image Convertors.


Your Virtual Assistant

Experience the Empowering Efficiency of Our Powerful Virtual Assistant, Your Trusted Partner for Productivity and Beyond


Privacy Generator

A user-friendly interface where you can easily input your information, select the desired clauses, and customize the policy to match your branding and website layout.


Full Managed WordPress and Ecommerce Clouds

Introducing the industry's leading fully managed WordPress cloud service. Let us shoulder the responsibility of website management while you focus on your business.

EloWP WordPress
Fully Managed WordPress
Fully Managed VPS WordPress
Start from $29.90/mo
Start from $94.95/mo
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Fully Managed WordPress
Start from $29.90/mo
See Plans & Pricing
Fully Managed VPS WordPress
As low as $94.95/mo
See Plans & Pricing
Install your chosen theme, create your content, and leave the rest to us. We've got all your other needs covered. Get started with the most powerful VPS WordPress. Featuring AMD EPYC™ 7282 CPUs, NVMe SSDs, and a truckload of RAM and traffic
vCPU 4 Cores 8 Cores
Performance / RAM 6 GB RAM 30 GB RAM
Storage 30 GB NvME 400 GB NvME
Bandwidth Check Unlimited Incoming CheckUnlimited Incoming
Dedicated IP 1 IP 1 IP
Additional dedicated IP optional Check Check
Access to all EloClouds Platforms Check Check
Services monitoring and WordPress Expert Support Check24/7 Check24/7
Fully Managed (Backups, Updates, SEO Content Report. Check Check
LiteSpeed Server Check Check
cPanel YES YES
Operating Systems Linux Linux
Softaculous script installer Check Check
LetsEncrypt SSL included Check Check
Unlimited email accounts Check Check
Free Migration Check Check
Network Guarantee Check Check
MySQL Check Check
Monitoring and Alerts 5-minute intervals 1-minute interval
24/7 Expert Support Check Check
Access to EloBox Check Check
Access to EloDash Check Check
WordPress Site (2-10) Unlimited.
ClooudLinux WPAccelerate YES YES.
Server Setup and Configuration Incl. Check
BACKUP Check Check
Premium Email YES YES
EloBox WorkSpace YES YES
24/7 Monitoring Check Check
Backup Retention 90 Days 180 Days
Network uptime guarantee Check Check
US/UK/EU-based Data Centers Check Check
Premium support Check Check
Malware Removal and Repair NO YES

Additional Platforms and Services

We provide all in One Services for Business Solutions.



EloBot is designed to intelligently generate high-quality, contextually relevant content. Use to generate high quality content for social media and websites.



This advanced analytics platform goes beyond simple traffic monitoring, providing a nuanced understanding of user behavior, preferences, and engagement on your website.



A plarform that monitors your website security and performances, 24/7. Instant report about your Website online.


Templates Studio

Coming Soon....



Coming Soon....

Company Registration

Company Registration.

Coming Soon....

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Coming Soon....



Coming Soon....


Trust from our customers

What Our Customers Have To Say?

I have been using EloClouds for my business hosting needs, and I am extremely satisfied with their services.

I am extremely happy with EloClouds and would recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch business hosting.

EloClouds has been a game-changer for my online business. Their all-in-one hosting solutions have made it incredibly convenient for me to manage my website, email marketing, SEO, and other important aspects of my online presence.

Switching to EloClouds for my business hosting was the best decision I made. The speed and reliability of their servers have significantly improved the user experience on my website, leading to increased customer satisfaction and engagement.

EloClouds has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. The reliability of their hosting infrastructure, coupled with their advanced security measures, has given me peace of mind knowing that my website is in safe hands.

The level of professionalism and support I have received from EloClouds is unmatched. I am thrilled to be a customer and highly recommend their services.

The user-friendly control panel and access to various web tools have made managing my online business a breeze.

The AI crawl technology they offer has provided invaluable insights into my website's SEO performance, helping me optimize it for better search engine rankings.


Got questions?
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General inquiries

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Permissions & Privacy

We take security & privacy seriously.

Pricing & Plans

Learn about plans, payments, and more.

General inquiries

Are you new to this? Let's begin with the fundamentals.

What makes EloClouds stand out from other hosting services?

You've asked an important question. First of all, EloClouds isn't solely a hosting service; it's a comprehensive business hub. It's the all-in-one platform that provides you with everything necessary to thrive and stay ahead in both online and offline realms.
What sets EloClouds apart from other hosting services is our unwavering commitment to your success. Unlike traditional hosting, EloClouds ensures that your website is never dormant or idle. We actively redirect Real Active Visitors (RAV) daily from our partner websites, blogs, and online magazines, depending on your chosen package. This continuous flow of traffic enhances your Google ranking, boosts SEO, and increases your potential for lead generation and sales. In essence, EloClouds is more than just a hosting service; it's a dynamic platform that actively supports your online success. We believe in ensuring that your website remains active and visible, providing you with the resources and traffic needed to thrive in the digital landscape. Your success is our top priority.

How do I get Target Traffic

At EloClouds, we are firmly dedicated to eradicating inactive websites. If your intention is to host a site that doesn't rely on visitor traffic, we recommend considering alternative hosting providers. We take great pride in harnessing the immense power of our advanced AI technology, which effectively redirects high-quality traffic from our extensive network of blogs and websites to specified websites.
This meticulous approach guarantees that websites hosted with us remain vibrant and consistently enhance their Alexa ranking and visibility on the Google search engine. Our utmost priority is to foster the success and expansion of the websites under our care, offering them the requisite tools and resources to thrive.
It's essential to understand that signing up and configuring your hosting account is merely the initial phase of the journey. To maximize the potential of your website and boost its SEO performance, continuous optimization is key. The reports generated by Elo Crawler provide invaluable insights into your website's SEO performance, highlighting areas for improvement.
Utilizing your access to EloDash or EloDash Pro is immensely beneficial. With these insights as your guide, you can make informed decisions and take the necessary steps to enhance your website's SEO. Furthermore, if you have selected certain packages, you can request assistance from your dedicated SEO VA.
Optimizing your content, refining website structure and navigation, enhancing keyword usage, and implementing other SEO best practices is imperative. It's essential to remember that SEO is an ongoing process, demanding consistent efforts to attain and sustain improved search engine rankings. By leveraging the insights provided by Elo Crawler, EloDash, EloDash Pro, and EloHub, you actively contribute to enhancing your website's SEO.
These platforms collectively increase your chances of attracting more organic traffic and achieving greater online visibility. Your dedicated VA is here to support you throughout this journey and answer any questions you may have about effectively utilizing the reports and implementing SEO strategies.

How can I track and visualize the incoming website traffic?

Once your website finds its home at EloClouds, you'll unlock the potential of EloDash or EloDash Pro, powerful panels that facilitate the integration of various tools, including Google Analytics. EloDash empowers you to automatically retrieve and generate real-time reports covering all aspects of your account's analytics. This comprehensive feature provides a centralized, up-to-the-minute perspective on your website's performance and analytics. It equips you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your online presence effectively.
It's important to note that EloDash isn't confined to analytics; it's a holistic SEO Dashboard. While it seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics and offers analytics-related functions, its capabilities extend beyond those boundaries. We encourage you to explore its full potential at your own pace.
Additionally, if you prefer another approach, you can access and monitor your website traffic through EloAnalytics. This platform enables you to view replays, offering insights into visitor interactions and their journeys across your site. The HeatMap feature allows you to understand user engagement by visualizing where clicks are concentrated and identifying less active areas on your web pages.
Should you have specific questions regarding the setup and configuration of EloDash or EloAnalytics, your dedicated VA is readily available to provide guidance and assistance.

Do I have access to all panels?

Your access and the array of features at your disposal are contingent on the package you opt for. Our Business Cloud selections, for instance, grant you extensive access to a wide range of panels. Furthermore, as a cherished customer, you'll enjoy exclusive entry to our partner panels at discounted rates. This holistic approach guarantees that all the vital tools and resources are conveniently consolidated in one location, eliminating the need for substantial investments in multiple platforms. This streamlined accessibility empowers you to concentrate on achieving online business success efficiently and cost-effectively.

Why are there different Virtual Assistants?

At EloClouds, we reiterate our commitment to doing things differently. The ethos of complacency has no place in our DNA, and we are unwavering in our pursuit of success, both for ourselves and for the partners(You) who have placed their trust in us. We consider your success our success, and to ensure this, we've assembled dedicated professionals in distinct fields. Our approach is marked by specialization and the assurance that when you seek assistance in SEO, you won't be directed to a Social Marketing Expert. Each of our team members is highly qualified within their respective domains.
Our team is at your service 24/7, 365 days a year, working in shifts to guarantee that you always have a knowledgeable resource available to offer guidance or address concerns specific to your needs. Whether it's web development, SEO, social media, or online business strategies, our dedicated professionals are on hand to support and assist you.
This commitment to specialization allows us to provide tailored, expert advice and solutions, ensuring that you receive the most relevant and effective guidance. When you partner with EloClouds, you're not just gaining access to a hosting service; you're joining forces with a team of experts who are dedicated to your success and available whenever you need them.
Our approach is driven by the belief that success is a collaborative effort. We understand that the digital landscape is dynamic, and to thrive, businesses require not only powerful hosting services but also expert guidance in various aspects of the online sphere. This holistic support system is at the heart of EloClouds' approach, and we are steadfast in our mission to help you navigate the complexities of the digital world with confidence and achieve your online business objectives.

Why some VA take some times to reply?

At EloClouds, we take immense pleasure in providing assistance and support to our valued clients. We understand that when you reach out for help, you're not interacting with an automated bot but with a genuine human being. Our team, despite its substantial size, consistently receives inquiries and requests from clients seeking guidance from our Virtual Assistants.
We genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently to accommodate each client's needs. In some instances, there may be a queue for support, but rest assured, your dedicated Virtual Assistant will be with you as swiftly as possible.
Our commitment to delivering personalized, human-driven assistance is unwavering. We believe in the power of human interaction and the value it adds to your experience with us. While it may take a moment to connect with your VA, please know that your satisfaction and success are of paramount importance to us, and we're here to ensure you receive the best possible support and guidance.
Your patience is greatly appreciated, and we thank you for choosing EloClouds as your digital partner. We look forward to serving you with the high-quality assistance you deserve.

I want to jump in, what should I do next?

We are absolutely thrilled that you've taken the step to invest in bolstering your online presence and achieving success without stretching your usual budget. To ensure your utmost satisfaction, we're offering exclusive discounted prices for the first month on select packages, giving you the opportunity to delve into our hosting services, experience the efficiency of our dedicated team, and assess the exceptional performance of our servers. We have immense confidence in the quality of our services, which is why we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
We highly recommend exploring our knowledge base, a treasure trove of detailed guides and tutorials. These resources provide step-by-step instructions for a seamless onboarding experience, ensuring that you get started with confidence. Additionally, our live chat sales team is at your disposal, ready to assist you in real-time. If you have any queries or require guidance during the signup or account setup process, please don't hesitate to reach out. Our team members are more than willing to provide the necessary support and ensure that everything is configured correctly.
By making the most of both our comprehensive knowledge base and the expertise of our live chat sales support, you'll have access to an extensive array of resources and expert assistance. This combination empowers you to embark on your journey with EloClouds confidently, setting you up for a seamless and successful experience. Your online presence and business growth are important to us, and we're here to ensure you have everything you need to thrive in the digital landscape.

More Questions?

Dive deeper into EloClouds Features

What is EloHub?

EloHub serves as a comprehensive business hub portal designed to assist you in comprehending the performance and online reputation of your business brand. It's the platform where you can assess your online vulnerabilities and explore the range of free and premium solutions we offer to address these issues.
EloHub encompasses everything essential for the success of local businesses. From an ecommerce feature that enables product sales through the platform to third-party integrations that streamline the presentation of value and evidence of performance, it consolidates all crucial data within a single application. We facilitate connectivity with an expanding network of partners, including Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), and numerous others.

Is EloHub free to access?

Indeed, EloHub provides completely free access and offers an array of top-notch free tools at your disposal. Upon logging into EloHub, you'll be paired with a Virtual Assistant dedicated to guiding you and providing professional support to foster the growth of your business. EloHub features its marketplace, where you can access premium services in SEO, web development, social media marketing, and more, enhancing your business's local search engine visibility.
Furthermore, EloHub allows you to launch your product sales through its platform, capitalizing on the extensive user base and Real Active Visitor (RAV) traffic from our partners. This influx of visitors will frequent your shop page, contributing to increased sales opportunities.
There's much more to explore on EloHub, including complimentary courses and various other offerings, but we'll let you uncover them at your own pace.

Can you tell me about EloDash?

Of course, no jokes here. Automating website research, monitoring, and reporting has become incredibly convenient through EloDash. Our platform revolutionizes online marketing, making it an intelligent, fast, and highly efficient process, reshaping how businesses navigate the digital realm.
EloDash simplifies the entire online marketing journey, elevating both productivity and effectiveness. Whether you aim to closely track your SEO performance, understand the evolving landscape of your site, or gauge the repercussions of alterations, EloDash has you covered.
Here's what EloDash brings to the table:
1. **SEO Auditor:** This tool conducts a comprehensive audit of every page on your website, examining 150 factors that influence your Google rankings. The SEO Auditor swiftly identifies crucial SEO issues, enabling you to enhance your website's visibility in search engine results.
2. **SEO Monitoring:** EloDash maintains 24/7 vigilance over your website and promptly alerts you to potential issues before they become significant problems. Whether it's duplicate content, missing meta tags, unlocatable images, or server errors, our live monitor ensures that nothing goes unnoticed. It doesn't matter if pages are added, removed, or edited—EloDash diligently tracks all changes for your peace of mind.
3. **SEO Alerts:** The SEO monitor is proactive in detecting irregularities on your clients' websites. Whether it's vanished titles or content, absent meta tags, inaccessible pages, or server errors, our system will promptly send you alerts even before these issues become critical.
EloDash empowers you with the means to keep a vigilant eye on your SEO performance, ensuring that your online presence remains optimized and free from critical issues. We take website research, monitoring, and reporting to a whole new level, providing you with the insights and tools needed for effective digital marketing management.
As is customary, there's more for you to uncover on your own.

Talk to me about EloBox?

EloBox serves as your dedicated workspace for business endeavors, offering premium email capabilities for seamless communication with your customers. This platform is tailor-made for those who demand nothing less than the finest. EloBox exudes an exquisite design, remarkable speed, and is equipped with advanced features that furnish you and your team with cutting-edge communication technologies.
EloBox boasts an extensive repertoire of over 48 features, propelling your business communication to new heights. We've embarked on a complete overhaul, revamping email, chat, file sharing, and numerous other aspects from the ground up. The result is the ultimate all-in-one communication tool that empowers you to manage your business communications with unmatched efficiency.
Here's a brief glimpse of EloBox's remarkable capabilities and power.
1. Powerful Email Composer
Why confine yourself to a subpar email editor? EloBox presents an array of more than 25 formatting choices that enable you to intricately design your emails, ensuring you create a lasting impression of refined professionalism.
2. Previewer Built-in
Isn't it frustrating to download .docx and .xlsx files just to get a glimpse of their contents? EloBox eliminates this hassle by enabling you to preview documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, audio files, or even videos directly from your inbox.
3. Text, Audio & Video
Conversations may initiate via email but evolve into different forms of communication. Some messages may transition into a phone call or video meeting. Thanks to EloBox, you can effortlessly commence high-quality audio and video calls, conferences, or chat sessions directly from your inbox, without the need to switch platforms.
Since there's an abundance of features to cover, for a more comprehensive understanding of our other exceptional capabilities, kindly click HERE.

What is SendRise

SendRise is a user-friendly marketing platform that streamlines your communication efforts, promoting the growth of your business. Here's how it empowers your marketing endeavors:
1. **Effortless Data Capture:** Design forms to collect crucial data from your website or other digital assets, all while ensuring strict compliance with data regulations. You can seamlessly synchronize this data with other applications through SendRise.
2. **Responsive Email Templates:** Create stunning email templates that adapt flawlessly to any device. SendRise's intuitive drag-and-drop editor simplifies the process of crafting professional-looking emails. You can start from scratch or use one of our templates as a foundation.
3. **Real-Time Monitoring:** Keep a watchful eye on recipient engagement in real time. SendRise furnishes you with invaluable insights, granting you precise control over your communication strategies.
4. **Automation Made Easy:** Building automations is a breeze; you can simply drag and drop communication elements into a sequence of events. This allows for automated email delivery, pauses to accommodate changes, and goal definition tailored to your preferences.
In summary, SendRise offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to create, send, and monitor successful email campaigns. This includes the Campaign Builder, Signup Forms, AI Content Assistant, Marketing Automations, Transactional Email capabilities, Advanced Analytics, and Website Tracking. With SendRise, you have everything at your disposal to enhance your email marketing campaigns and achieve remarkable success.

What the difference between EloDash and EloDash Pro?

While EloDash stands as a formidable SEO platform in its own right, EloDash Pro enters the arena as a heavyweight contender, sharing a seat at the same table with established names like Semrush and MOZ. EloDash Pro elevates the SEO game, offering an impressive array of features that cater to your website's needs and more.
EloCrawler is the engine that delves into the intricacies of your website's SEO, scrutinizing every aspect with precision. In contrast, EloDash Pro takes on a broader scope. It not only delves into the SEO but also conducts a comprehensive examination for technical issues, providing you with a prioritized to-do list. This list isn't a mere rundown of problems but an actionable guide complete with detailed instructions on how to rectify each error. This proactive approach ensures that no stone is left unturned in enhancing your website's performance.
What truly sets EloDash Pro apart is its status as a 6-in-1 platform, offering a holistic solution for your SEO needs. Here's an overview of what it brings to the table:
**Website Crawler:** EloDash Pro's Website Crawler performs a comprehensive scan of your website, identifying issues that might escape the untrained eye. This ensures that no SEO problem remains hidden.
**Site Monitoring:** The Site Monitoring feature is your vigilant guardian, keeping a watchful eye on your website round the clock. It alerts you to potential problems before they escalate, helping you stay one step ahead in managing your online presence.
**Rank Tracker:** EloDash Pro keeps tabs on your website's rankings, ensuring that you are always aware of how you fare in the competitive landscape. This information empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your SEO strategy.
**Backlink Tracker:** Backlinks are crucial for SEO success, and EloDash Pro monitors them closely, helping you maintain a healthy and authoritative backlink profile.
**On-Page SEO Checker:** EloDash Pro ensures that every page on your website is optimized for maximum SEO impact. It examines various on-page elements, highlighting areas for improvement and providing actionable recommendations.
**SEO Chrome Extension:** The SEO Chrome Extension is your fast track to on-page checks. It offers quick and easy insights while you browse, making it a valuable tool for on-the-fly SEO assessments.
EloDash Pro's impressive lineup of features transforms it into a comprehensive SEO powerhouse. It's not just a platform for monitoring and analysis; it's your go-to solution for managing all your SEO challenges. With EloDash Pro, you're in control, equipped with the resources and guidance you need to tackle SEO issues head-on, enhancing your website's online visibility and performance.
In the realm of SEO platforms, EloDash Pro asserts its presence as a versatile and powerful contender, ensuring that your online presence is in excellent hands. It's time to take your SEO strategy to the next level and seize the reins of your digital success with EloDash Pro.

Permissions & Privacy

We take security & privacy seriously.

Is my Website and Database Secure on EloClouds?

Absolutely! At EloClouds, we prioritize the security and privacy of your website. We have implemented robust measures to ensure the safety and protection of your data.
Here are some key security features and practices we have in place:
1. Advanced Security Measures: Our servers are equipped with industry-leading security technologies, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and malware scanning tools. These measures help identify and mitigate potential threats to your website.
2. DDoS Protection: Our network is fortified with DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection. This safeguard helps defend your website against malicious attempts to disrupt its availability and performance.
3. Secure Data Centers: Our data centers are highly secure, featuring strict access controls, surveillance systems, and other physical security measures. These measures ensure that your website's data is kept safe and inaccessible to unauthorized individuals.
4. Regular Backups: We perform regular backups of your website data, ensuring that in the event of data loss or any unforeseen incidents, we can quickly restore your website to a previous state.
5. SSL Certificates: We offer free SSL certificates to encrypt the data transmitted between your website and its visitors. This helps protect sensitive information and enhances the overall security of your website.
6. Security Updates: We stay vigilant in applying security patches and updates to our servers and software. This helps mitigate vulnerabilities and ensures that your website is running on the latest, most secure versions.
7. Privacy Protection: We adhere to strict privacy policies and regulations to safeguard your personal information and data. We do not share or sell your information to third parties without your consent.
By choosing EloClouds, you can have peace of mind knowing that we have taken comprehensive security measures to protect your website and data. Our team continuously monitors and enhances our security infrastructure to stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure a secure hosting environment for your online presence.

Can you guarentee 100% for my website security?

While we strive to provide the highest level of security for your website, it is important to note that NO web hosting provider can offer an absolute guarantee of 100% security. The nature of cybersecurity involves a constant cat-and-mouse game between security measures and potential threats.
However, at EloClouds, we take security seriously and have implemented multiple layers of protection to minimize risks and keep your website secure. We have advanced security measures, robust infrastructure, and proactive monitoring in place to mitigate potential security threats.
We invest in the latest security technologies, regularly update our systems with security patches, and adhere to industry best practices to ensure the highest level of security possible. Our team of experts is dedicated to monitoring and addressing any security vulnerabilities that may arise.
It is also important for website owners to take proactive measures to enhance their website's security. This includes using strong and unique passwords, keeping their software and applications up to date, using SSL certificates, regularly backing up their data, and implementing additional security measures such as website firewalls and security plugins.
By combining our efforts and your proactive approach to security, we can significantly reduce the risks and enhance the overall security of your website.

What Are the Most Common Security Threats?

As a web hosting service, there are several common security threats that may be encountered. Some of the most prominent ones include:
1. Malware Infections: Websites hosted on the server can be vulnerable to malware infections, which can compromise the website's integrity and compromise user data.
2. DDoS Attacks: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks aim to overwhelm the server with a flood of traffic, causing it to become inaccessible to legitimate users.
3. Data Breaches: If the hosting service stores sensitive customer data, there is a risk of data breaches that can result in unauthorized access to personal information.
4. Vulnerabilities in Server Software: Outdated or improperly configured server software can have vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access or disrupt services.
5. Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks: XSS attacks target vulnerabilities in web applications to inject malicious scripts, which can be used to steal user data or perform unauthorized actions.
6. SQL Injection Attacks: SQL injection involves exploiting vulnerabilities in web applications to manipulate or extract data from databases.
7. Brute Force Attacks: Attackers attempt to gain access to a website or server by systematically trying various username and password combinations until they find the correct one.
8. Phishing Attacks: Phishing attacks aim to trick users into revealing sensitive information, such as login credentials or financial details, through deceptive emails or websites.
To mitigate these threats, We have implement various security measures, including firewalls, malware scanning, intrusion detection systems, regular software updates, strong access controls, and encryption. It's important also that website owners stay vigilant and follow best practices to ensure the security of the hosted websites and data.

Will you sell my personal data to any thirdparty?

Rest assured, we prioritize the security and privacy of your personal data. At EloClouds, we strictly adhere to PCI compliance standards, ensuring a secure hosting environment for our valued partners (that's you!). We have implemented robust measures to protect your data and maintain the confidentiality of your information. It's important to note that none of our third-party partners have access to our customers' databases, as we deeply value the trust our customers place in us. Your data is in safe hands with EloClouds.

Where can I get more information about Privacy Policies?

To learn more about how we safeguard and protect your data as our valued partner, you can visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages. These resources provide detailed information on our comprehensive security measures and the steps we take to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of your data. We encourage you to review these documents to gain a deeper understanding of our commitment to data security at EloClouds.

Pricing & Plans

Learn about plans, payments, and more.

What is the Manged WordPress Plan?

Many website hosting providers advertise their services as offering 'WordPress hosting.' However, it's important to understand that this often translates to nothing more than standard shared hosting equipped with a WordPress toolkit and automated installation for the platform. We, too, provide this type of hosting option, which you can access by following this link.
In contrast, our managed WordPress hosting solution stands apart in several significant ways. It operates on our cutting-edge Next-Gen VPS hosting infrastructure, purpose-built to efficiently handle even the most demanding and data-intensive workloads.
When we say "managed WordPress," we mean your WordPress website resides on a Managed VPS. In essence, we take care of the server management, leaving you to operate your WordPress site with ease. Simultaneously, you retain full access to all the other services and platforms offered by EloClouds, making it a versatile and powerful solution for your online needs.
The success of this approach stems from the robust combination of managed server resources, the convenience of WordPress, and the broad spectrum of tools and services accessible through EloClouds. This harmonious integration ensures that your WordPress website not only performs optimally but also grants you the flexibility and scalability to expand your online presence seamlessy.

Which Package would you suggest?

When choosing a hosting package, it's important to consider your specific projects and goals. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting a package:
1. Website requirements: Assess the resource needs of your website, such as storage space, bandwidth, and traffic expectations. If you have a small-scale website or blog, a shared hosting plan may be sufficient. For larger or resource-intensive websites, a VPS or dedicated server plan might be more appropriate.
2. Scalability: Consider whether your website is likely to grow in the future. If scalability is important to you, look for hosting plans that offer easy upgrades or the ability to add resources as your website expands.
3. Budget: Determine your budget for hosting services. Different packages come with varying price points, so it's important to find a plan that aligns with your budget while still meeting your needs.
4. Additional features: If you need a little blog to share some information we would suggest you go for a starter cloud at $2.98 but if you mean 'business',and want to use EloClouds at its best potentiel, then we suggest you have a look at the Business Cloud package.
Again, as mentioned on our website, if you are planning to create a dormant website that will not require active visitors or online visibility, we recommend considering hosting providers like GoDaddy or SiteGround. Our hosting services at EloClouds are specifically designed for those who want their websites to be visible, accessible, and optimized for search engines.
We prioritize hosting solutions for individuals and businesses that aim to establish a strong online presence, attract visitors, and grow their website's visibility. With our robust infrastructure, advanced features, and dedicated support, we are committed to providing an environment that supports the success and visibility of our customers' websites.
So, if you're looking for a hosting provider that focuses on driving traffic, optimizing SEO, and ensuring the visibility of your website, EloClouds is the right choice for you. We offer the necessary tools, resources, and support to help you achieve your online goals.
It's recommended to review the available hosting packages offered by EloClouds and compare them based on the factors mentioned above. If you need further assistance in selecting the right package for your needs, you can reach out to our live chat support or contact our customer service team for personalized recommendations.

I want to go for Yearly Subscription, is there any discount?

Yes, we offer discounts for yearly subscriptions. By choosing the yearly payment option, you can receive up to an 18% discount, which is equivalent to nearly two months free compared to monthly payments. Whether you choose a yearly or monthly subscription, our commitment to providing excellent support and services remains the same. We'll be available to assist you with all the necessary tools and assistance you need to succeed.

What happen if I am not paying my invoices?

At EloClouds, we prioritize your success over monetary considerations. We understand that financial difficulties can arise, but our focus remains on supporting your website and ensuring its optimization. As a service of Urban Space Web, a company founded by developers and SEO specialists, we strive to provide a comprehensive hosting experience.
If you find yourself facing challenges in paying your invoices, yet your website is fully active and optimized according to the crawler report, we offer a grace period of two months. Simply reach out to your dedicated Manager, explain your situation, and request a grace period. Our team will assess the status of your website and, if it meets the criteria of being active and optimized, we will gladly grant the grace period.
We believe in supporting our customers and fostering long-term success, and we are committed to working with you to find solutions that meet your needs.

I want to cancel my subscription, what should I do?

You have the ability to manage your subscription through your Client Area. If you require assistance, our support team is available and eager to help you. By canceling your subscription, you will no longer be billed by EloClouds. However, please note that if you choose to keep your subscription active but your website remains unused, we have a policy in place. After three consecutive unpaid invoices, we will reach out to you as we do not allow dormant websites on our servers. In such cases, your website will be backed up and subsequently removed from our servers.

I am paying my subscription but not taking care of my website. What will happen?

Our policy regarding dormant websites is clear: we do not allow them on our servers. If it is evident that you have not been optimizing or maintaining your website for three consecutive months despite paying your subscription, we will take the necessary action. We will stop your subscription and assist you in migrating your website to another web hosting provider of your choice, where your dormant website can find a more suitable home.